About Us


Naomi & Navot

We have both been on spiritual paths for many years, traveling the Far East, India especially, to study ancient philosophies and practices from various teachers and gurus. Our dedication and thirst for spiritual development is essentially what brought our souls together. Our first words to each other were "I love you", when we met in an Osho group meditation. Those first words left an imprint on our destiny.

We have now been married for over a decade and have three beautiful children. Although we have always had a very good relationship, at a certain point, we became bored with our sex life, we were fighting too much and realized that something needed to change.

Since we both already had deeply rooted spiritual practices, when we discovered tantra, we quickly began to implement Tantric tools and practices. This work has transformed our relationship, lovemaking and communication and continues to open us up to new experiences and levels of bliss.

We both studied Advanced Tantra Therapy with Avishag Haya Caspi, a leading figure in the field and have participated in numerous Tantra seminars in Thailand and Israel. 

Naomi Slater holds a BA in Psychology and an MA in Conflict Management and Resolution. She is a yoga and tantra teacher and bio-energy therapist.

Navot Cohen holds an HHP degree in functional medicine and massage. He is a bio-energy therapist and tantra teacher.  


Naomi Slater

I have been doing energy work for over a decade. My journey into healing began as a dedicated yoga student. I received a yoga teacher’s training certificate in 2005 from the Sivananda Neyyar Dam Ashram in India and later studied yoga therapy with Dr. Gil Solberg. My yoga classes incorporate healing aspects through focus on deep breathing and hatha yoga postures. 

I also pursued an academic education and completed a BA in Psychology at Indiana University and later an MA in Conflict Management and Resolution at Bar Ilan University. While always teaching yoga, I also worked in non-profits and tourism creating educational programs on diversity in Israeli society. These programs were focused on facilitating dialogue and promoting peace and understanding between groups and individuals, often from backgrounds with conflicting views and fundamental cultural differences. This work was largely driven by my desire to promote peace and healing in Israel. On approaching my 40th birthday, I received a calling to fully step into my role as healer. This calling quickly led to receiving a unique training in bio-energy to treat addiction and emotional imbalances energetically.


My calling to Tantra developed as a natural progression from my yoga practice (yoga is a part of the Tantric practice) and as a direct result of the NEED for tools to help create a passionate and blissful relationship with my beloved husband, Navot. I am dedicated to helping other couples and individuals have blissful lovemaking and intimacy, both with themselves and with others. 


Navot Cohen

Since I remember myself, I was looking for answers that the people surrounding me could not provide. So I developed my own beliefs and understanding of life. When I was a teenager, I remember myself raising the energy from my lower back up my spine to the top of my head and staying in this state for hours - a lot of knowledge was transmitted to me through this spiritual experience.
When I served in the Israeli army, I read many spiritual books to keep my spirit free and studied the spiritual essence of human ability. I was very intrigued when I met some people that came back from India with fascinating spiritual experiences.
One year later, after I saved some money, I flew to India alone and with no time limitation.
After 2 weeks, I found myself with a group of people practicing different kinds of meditations. They were learning to raise the kundalini energy up through the spine, which I learned is a very powerful energy. I traveled for a year and a half and these experiences shaped who I am today.
When I came home I decided to study at the Reidman College of Complementary Medicine with a 5-year concentration in healing psychotherapy and professional massage therapy.
When I met Naomi, I felt from the first moment that she is my life soulmate and lover and partner for my journey. Through our shared destiny, we are helping people to heal themselves with the many tools we have learned over the years.