"Awaken Your Desire"

Yoni Egg Online Course


Do you feel like you are lacking in passion and need a soul-level breakthrough? Well, if your answer is yes you have come to the right spot. Our sexual energy is at the root of our relationships, communication styles and overall ability to be authentic and free in our lives. If we are blocked sexually, we will experience this blockage in all areas of our life. 

I know this because through doing deep work around my sexuality,  I created amazing transformation in my relationship and in my life and that is why I created Awaken Your Desire for women! I know that the tools that I learned can help other women heal their relationships and/or reclaim their feminine sexuality, power and pleasure. 

As a result of high-demand, we are gearing up for the second launch of the "Awaken Your Desire" online course. The first round was amazing and women are already reaching out to sign-up for the next launch, happening October 13, 2021.


Awaken Your Desire is a revolutionary course that helps women reclaim their power, pleasure and passion through working with the yoni egg, doing guided meditations and deep emotional alchemy work. The course consists of 12, 60-90 minute modules that are comprised of both empowering information and esoteric practices that are aimed at clearing emotions and awakening the sexual energy. In addition, the course includes weekly group coaching calls with Naomi to support women as they go through the course, to create sisterhood and also do some live embodiment practices.

The yoni egg practice that she teaches includes yoga, breathwork and various Taoist practices to open and prepare the body. You will learn about how to prepare the body for any sexual encounter and how to create healthy sexual boundaries, both with yourselves and with others. 



The use of a nephrite jade egg to strengthen the Yoni (vagina or sacred space in Sanskrit) is said to be a Taoist practice that evolved over thousands of years in ancient China. Nephrite jade, the stone traditionally used for this practice, is considered to have protective and healing properties. It is said to transmute negative energies into positive ones, can instill a sense of calm and well-being, can increase enjoyment of life, promotes confidence and calms the nervous system. It is also non-porous and incredibly hard, which prevents the egg from absorbing bacteria and/or cracking that could lead to vaginal infection or injury.


Having said that, the power of the yoni egg practice is NOT in the egg, but rather in the practitioner. The egg is a tool through which women can strengthen their yoni's, connect to their sexual or life-force energy and activate their passion, pleasure and creativity. Our pelvic health, including the healthy function of our pelvic nerve, is important for bladder control, vaginal blood flow and sensitivity and is also connected to the activation of confidence and creativity in the brain.


Although there is still no research evidence to conclude that the yoni egg practice can help with the above mentioned, there are a tremendous amount of personal success stories. One of the first pioneers in the field, Dr. Saida Desilets, has seen real and repeatable results with a dedicated yoni egg practice. She is leading the research on the yoni egg practice and is cooperating with gynecologists to formally research the topic.


Research DOES exist on the effectiveness of Kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. These exercises were developed in the 40's by Dr. Arnold H. Kegel and were found to prevent incontinence. However, many that perform these exercises are not exercising the right muscles, but rather the inner thighs, abdominal or buttocks muscles. With the yoni egg, there is no mistaking which muscles you are using! You receive immediate bio-feedback from the yoni egg, as it is inserted in your vagina. You are also consciously channeling your sexual energy that can activate your own healing potential.


Naomi works with women that are interested in exploring their sexuality and self-pleasure potential. Use of the yoni egg is not for women that are pregnant, women that are less than 3 months after birth, or for women that have uterine prolapse, stage 3 or 4. If you have any other reproductive health issues, please consult with Naomi.

I hope you make the decision to invest in YOU! There is no better time to be doing this work!

Love and Light, Naomi